31 January 2009

Fiona had her nails did....
Tristan's dad (aka Poppa) took all 6 of his grand kids out) so we got to have a date.
Thank goodness for our dads :)
We bought a cool old, dirty, worn out work table for my craftiness.
We visited the "junk lady" on 11th (she deals furniture not drugs)!!!
We waited 20 minutes in line at the car wash and laughed out loud with the stereo cranked up.
We went grocery shopping and held hands and then went home.
We welcomed our babies back, threw them in the tub and put them in bed.
We ate chocolate and popcorn and watched Henry Poole Is Here and I cried. It was great...a good lesson on faith.
It was good to have my best friend today...we're good together.

Rent it, watch it, like it.

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