27 January 2009


We're iced in...well kind of. Why oh why do we only get ice in Oklahoma? All I'm asking is for a day of snow with lots of sledding, rosey cheeks, snow boots by the back door and lots of hot cocoa. But NOOOOO...we get icky, slushy, slippery, ICE/Sleet. Fortunately it was nothing like last year with over 100 thousand out of power, cable and phone service. That was a bad bad year for most Tulsan's and in fear of that many of us prepared for ruin ;) We bought a generator, just in case, which will promptly go back to the depot and stocked up on batteries. Yesterday we locked ourselves in the playroom and our creative juices started flowing. I get so into "creative time". The kids love it, but last only a shoort time before they are finished and ready to move on t bigger and better things like the fort we made out of B's bunk beds. Those extra batteries and flash lights came in handy after all. Then last night we were graced with the presence of 3 hungry teenagers bored out of their minds! After winding the kids up and eating, 2 went home and we kept one. They can come in handy after all :) What's planned for today you say? Well, it's a toss up between shopping or laundry? Hmmm.....

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