09 December 2008

Good morning! I would love to thank our lovely children for waking us up at 4am then 5am to start the day :) What wonderful children we have ;) So, at 4am Bella woke us up b/c she had a bad dream...then she kept coming in so I told her to get in bed with us. Well...Mr. Cranky Pants (aka daddy)decided he would sleep better childless on the couch. Then at 5am we all awoke to Jude yelling from the bathroom "I'm FINISHED!" So, Mr. Vaught (aka Mr. Cranky Pants) stumbled from his restful slumber on the couch and trippped over the laptop cord and fell to his death...umm...I mean he fell down. LOL! Well...we both ended up in the bathroom at the same time and I got the job of helping Jude.

So, I'm not sure if any of you use natural or organic peanut butter or Almond butter, but we use both. Almond is so much better for you than peanut butter, but I personally cannot stand it. The kids however love both. Anyways...if you have either one you know that stiring it is a tedious job. I have had an unopened jar of almond butter in the pantry for awhile so I thought I better bust it open today. I'm telling you, I almost succumbed to it's power! But, I hung in there and tackled it until it was smooth and creamy. Ha! Take that you nut butter! Speaking of peanut butter...Amanda...you know I love you...but you also know that I really strive to be funny and so I must share your pb story ;) So, I have this little friend Amanda (trying to sound like Charlie from "Charlie and Lola") and she is nervous about letting her girls try peanut butter. Kenzie is "almost" 6 and Camryn is 3. So, how to solve this problem? Well...you know that if they try it they could stop breathing, if they happened to be allergic...sooooo, at there next doctor visit she is going to slip them some peanut butter before they see the doc. And no, I'm not kidding! That's why I love you Amanda, b/c you are as crazy as me ;)

Ok, you're probably thinking I need to get out and you're right , I do! I'm enjoying my alone time right now though. I took Flossy to school this morning and when I got home Ro was dressed and ready for the day. Tristan decided to take him to work with him this morning and Jude thought he was so big with his backpack and lunch! I have my final photo session for the year today and I'm pretty excited. I love taking pictures, don't get me wrong, I just need to focus on family right now. Session's will start back up in March (except for your's Carrie ;).

Have a good Tuesday everyone!

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Mama Weiss said...

Oh, you makey fun a me...can't help it, I was born this way. Love you, too, butthead.

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