03 December 2008

Now You Are 6.

Yesterday you were 6. It's hard to say, and even harder to type. To think 6 years ago we brought you home in a blizzard, swaddled you up and couldn't take our eyes off you. I remember feeling so scared that I loved something so much and couldn't protect you from the world completely. If only I could keep you little. Then as you got older I saw how strong you are and how much you love life that my fears although still here have lessened. I see how amazing you are and how genuine you are that I know you will be ok. It's hard to believe that we have been blessed to be your mommy and daddy. How did we ever deserve such a little girl. You have so much appreciation for everything and you strive to learn as much as your little mind will absorb. You take that knowledge and you use it to love others. I have always been amazed at your understanding, your patience and your kindness. I think any mother would admit that their child turning 6 is bitter sweet. I miss your babyness, but I love that we can talk and play and paint our fingernails and shop and you can read to me now. The excitement in yours eyes when you learned to tie your shoes 2 weeks ago was uplifting. I love how every day you wiggle your tooth in hopes that it will be loose. I love how Jude has 2 mommies and you take good care of him and he loves you back "this much". I love how when we tuck you in we have to blow kisses, from across the room, catch them and put them in our pockets (sound effects and all). I love how you lay in the chair when you watch TV or how you spend a majority of your time drawing pictures that say "I love you mom and dad". There is so much more I love about you. But just for now, know that you are so loved and we thank you for letting us be your mommy and daddy. How blessed we are :)

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