04 December 2008

I have been tagged by my good friend Amanda to take photos of 10 things in my home that I love, make me happy or make life easier. Now my kiddos and of course my handy man T are obvious so we won't go there. But the rest is as follows:

#1 My coffee pot, my other half, our coffee pot (whatever you would like to call it).

#2 My handy dandy notebook, my other other half...just kidding honey ;)

#3 Fans to help us ALL sleep.

#4 Flossy and Ro's artwork.

#5 Family Pictures.

#6 Arsty/Crafty Books.

#7 My spoT on the couch...well let's just make that the WHOLE couch.

#8 mY PHONE.

#9 Our family gathering place...the dining room/kitchen area.

#10 Homemade Play dough and doughey hands to go with it :)

OK, now that was fun! Thanks Amanda for the Challenge. I now tag you to post 10 things about your family that nobody knows. I will play along to!


SandGs Mom said...

i'm totally taking on your challenge!

The Vaught's said...

yeah, but your blog is private now ad I can't read it! You better add me to it ;)

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