29 December 2008

Well, I'm not really quite sure where this last week has gone. It has been very busy though. Tristan took the kids to see A Tale of Despereaux last week.

I was finally able to cook the roast that I got from the co-op a few weeks ago (let me say organic beef is sooooo good) and Nana has been visiting from the East Coast so Bella has spent a lot of time with her and her best friend/cousin Stella. Those two are inseperable and have a love for horses and a new love for knitting. That's right, Tristan's mum taught the girls how to knit this last week. They both can completely do it on their own. Then she taught me and well...I dropped a lot of stitches at first and Bella prided herself in the fact that mommy dropped stitches and she didn't. She is better than me, but don't tell her I said that :)

Nana stayed with us Friday night and we ordered Pei Wei's b/c we didn't have a stitch off food in the house, and did some knitting while watching movies. I think the kids tuckered Nana out, but she was a good sport. She napped, they watched Eloise.

Tonight we headed over to Aunt Lest's and Uncle Rob's for some yummy stew and good company. Aunt Celeste broke out the art supplies and did some batik paintings with the kids and let Bella draw with her "India Ink". Then they do as they always do and played chase around the house, turned up the stereo and danced to "shake your booty", played with Zoe (their boston terrier) and topped of the night with some snuggling and a story.

So, here I am thinking about my day tomorrow, typing and watching Pride and Prejudice at 12:15 am. I tried going to bed, but no dice. By the way, is it normal for a dog to snore? Fiona is so LOUD!

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