28 November 2008

A good day.

That is what today will be. We're so glad to have daddy home today and we plan on spending it well. We're dressing down Black Friday a little and going thrift store shopping, if they are open. I have several things I'm looking for and Pottery Barn is just not cutting it ;) I awoke at 5:30 am this morning (with Jude) and continued doing a mundane amount of research on homeschooling. I think I have it figured out, at least for today. We're going to try the Charlotte Mason approach thanks to the info from Crunchy Peas and supplement for grammar. It is definately going to be the best approach for our family b/c it is no so structured and has a huge literary focus as well as arts. We will also be able to have daily bible studies which the kids love. I'm thrilled!

So, other than that we have been debating on the whole wood floors thing. I was finally able to get the walls finished in the hallway so when we start the floors, everything else will be finished.

I had an incredible revelation this morning when I realized that kids LOVE hard boiled eggs. I think I will be keeping them in stock for breakfast. I made some Ezekial bread toast and gave them a banana with it (Jude protested the banana) and they were set. We have a bad habit of having only cereal for breakfast!

We got our Little Travelers DVD in the mail Thursday and let me tell you, it makes we want to pack up and take our family to Bali.

I plan on buying the whole series. She also has some great items in their amazon store like this and this which I am definitely buying. My sisters grew up watching Totoro and it's a must have.

Thursday Alex (Bella's future husband came over) and they made a flag for their fort/clubhouse. Then they proceeded to drag ALL the musical instruments out of the house (with the exception of T's drums) and bang and toot on them loudly. I'm sure our neighbor with the new baby did not mind at all! Actually, Liza came out and visited with them so I knew it was OK. I am very sensitive to noise and new babies so I wouldn't have let them form their band without proper consent ;)

I noticed Bella was standing over by the fence.

Me: Bella, what are you doing?

Bella: (with harmonica in hand) I need to make some money.

I laughed and laughed about that one. Where do they learn these things?

Oh, if anyone in Tulsa spots this stuff, please let me know where I can buy it! Whole foods is not carrying it here.

I guess I will end this post with some photos from our little mini shoot downtown. Have a great weekend everyone!

Here are some of Mr. Vaught and I on our exscursion to Eureka:

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Mama Weiss said...

That was a loaded post! Love it! It almost makes up for your little blog vacation. ;) We sure do miss you guys...really miss you.

PS- Kenzie's school is based off of Charlotte Mason's theory. It IS wonderful and Bella would be perfect for it.

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