06 November 2008


On Saturday morning Isabella and Aunt Celeste had some major bonding time. They sat on the deck up in the trees and sketched together. You should see what they came up with. Celeste never ceases to amaze me and I can sense that Bella is following in her footsteps. It amazes me that she can draw what she does at her age. Her talent has been noted by her art teacher, her classroom teacher and her aunt. I'm so proud of her!


SandGs Mom said...

has anyone ever mentioned she is quite possibly the most beautiful little girl as well. Really! And i love the story about the flip flops in the river, sean learns lots of life lessons like that. And i reply with "That's Life"

The Vaught's said...

Oh Sarah! You're so sweet :) She is beautiful, but fiery at the same time! I think she has my temper ;) Remember it? LOL!

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