05 October 2009

Weekends are for having fun...

This weekend kept us busy and left us exhausted. I think we officially started the rush Wednesday night when we got home from meeting at 10:30pm. Thursday we went to the fair with dad, Charlie and Audrey. I have to admit it was the best year yet. Dad put us all on the media list so we got in for free, had free corn dogs and other fair foods and then free rides.

Just a side note, I found out on Tuesday that I have some severe food allergies which was disheartening at first. I had my days of crying and "it's not fairs", but soon realized that life had to go on and decided to convince myself that food is fuel and nothing more. Needless to say I ate 2 corn dogs at the fair which isn't a great combo when you're allergic to wheat and corn! It was delicious and well worth it though. I avoided the cinnamon rolls and funnel cake.

On Friday I let Bella play hookie from school and we stayed home to clean for the company we would have throughout the weekend. Saturday morning we got up and went to the Utica Square Art Show to see my sister in laws art. She always does such an amazing job with presentation not to mention her artistic talents. The weather was perfect and I had mt first official chai tea latte which marks the beginning of fall for me ;) The Mr, the kids and I did a little shopping and then headed home to make lunch for Marcus (T's bro), his girlfriend (from Honduras, who he met in Germany a few months back), their friends, Donna (their sister) and a slew of cousins. My sister Sarah stopped by for a visit and we were so happy to see her.

After lunch, everyone left and then about an hour later a brother from our congregation showed up to mow. If you need your lawn mowed, let me know. He's saving up for a trip to Thailand in January! Then one of my best friends came in from out town for a girls night out. We had a blast. Then yesterday we all met at McNellies for some beers and lunch. I LOVE having a houseful of family and friends! It was a great weekend, but we are all zonked! Jude and I are hunkered down in the house for the day baking wheat free vegan pumpkin muffins and gingerbread. Hope you have a great Monday!

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