22 October 2009

T his October I Have Been....

Watching :: The Proposal with granny while laughing hysterically and New Moon trailers.
Reading :: Withering Heights (waiting for it).
Making :: A Newspaper Leaf Garland with my kids
Eating :: Vegan, gluten free and a little taco bell here and there ;)
Feeling :: Like curling up in a cozy blanket by a fire for a good book and a nap.
Thinking :: It would be nice if it would snow.
Hoping :: We embrace the winter months and spend that time gathering with our peeps.
Wondering :: If I will ever get that quilt started for Jude.
Hearing :: Peace and quiet...everyone is sleeping.
Liking :: The chill in the air.
Wanting :: A weekend away with the Mr. to the Terrace.
Playing :: Scrabble on my iPhone.
Wishing :: People would be more considerate when parking at B's school.
Enjoying :: Bedtime.
Coveting :: A pumpkin spice latte.

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Nikki said...

I LOVED the Proposal too!

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