22 October 2009

A Camping We Went....

I've been wanting to take the kids camping for awhile, but it just never seemed to fall into place. If you know us, then you know things just have to fall into place. We are bad planners. So last Saturday I had an idea. I asked husband to set my old,very old, 14 year old tent up in our backyard. He tried, but it was obvious he didn't spend too many days camping as a child so I jumped in and showed him how it was done. We then filled the mighty fortress with furniture from the playroom, sleeping bags, pillows and necessities. Bella and Jude were so excited to camp and immediately began pleading to sleep in there new home. Instead I offered a feast to be had in there new abode and they agreed. Forsaking our gluten free, veganesque diets for the evening, I slaved over the stove and made some alphabet soup (Campbell's style) and saltine crackers with vanilla soymilk. Your licking your chops, right? Well, saltine crackers were just too tempting for me, ya know, the one allergic to EVERYTHING. I just had a few nibbles.

D essert was to be had so I asked the royals what they would like and they promptly said "Smores!" Hmmm... I was quickly having a "Martha Moment" and ran to the kitchen. In the cupboard (notice I said cupboard...totally slipped out too. I was not even trying to sound clever!) was a package of marshmallows, a bag of chocolate chips (right next to the vegan choco chips) and some graham cracker sticks. The following concoction was made...

T here were also letters to be delivered to the young tenants and then inside for a nice warm bath and a real bed. I walked outside to retrieve the missing playhouse items today and found everything completely soaked. YUCK. There was a nice stench in there too!

In other news, I took the kids to see Where the Wild Things Are. I'll keep my opinion to myself on that one. Soundtrack is awesome!s

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