05 December 2010


We recently ventured up north about 50 miles or so to Woolaroc.  I have to admit that I wasn't to thrilled about seeing buffalo roam free or smell buffalo burgers cooking or see indian artifacts.  I did see an opportunity for a family photo opt so we loaded up and headed north.  Well, I have to admit it was a blast.  The scenery was beautiful and the museum was surprisingly fun.  I don't remember that when I was school and we visited Woolaroc for a field trip.  Of course, it was for school and so I was probably more interested in boys and hanging out with my friends.  Who knows. Bottom line, if you live near there, go there.  I did not eat a buffalo burger although I've heard it's much healthier than beef and all buffalo are grass fed which makes it cheaper than grass fed beef.  Bleh!  Im sorry, but they're just too ugly to eat.

This is how the kids enjoyed the view...head out the window and sunroof. I can hear the wee woo's right now.

Then off to my new favorite location.  Sorry, it's a secret :)

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