31 December 2010

The China Study

I've been wanting to read The China Study for along time now.  Then today on Whole Foods blog, I ran across this video.  Scary, but true.  When I cook at home, we eat healthy.  We don't eat a lot of meat.  It's the eating out that scares me.    I whole "heartledly" believe that we are what we eat.  The tough part is giving up the western diet that we've been raised on and re-learning how to eat. When I discovered that I was gluten intolerant, I had to learn how to eat.  It was tough at first, but eventually I got the hang of it and lost 40 pounds, felt better and made much healthier choices. Eating out was difficult to do gluten free so I didn't do it much and if I did, I ordered a healthy salad and soup instead of the burger.  Processed foods were more difficult to find gluten free and more expensive so I had to bake and cook things from scratch.  Now, over a year later, I cheat.  ALOT!  The result...I feel like crap.  Bad moods, gaining weight, aches and pains are back, headaches.  I'm eating out more and making bad choices.  The cravings are back b/c I put the bad food back in my body.  When you change your diet, you go through a detox phase and it's tough.  But your cravings for starchy sugary foods quickly fade and you just naturally start eating to nourish your body instead of eating to make you happy.  Now, after a relapse, I'm determined to eat more veggies, limit meat/dairy and avoid gluten.  I deserve it, and my family deserves it.  I'm heading to Barnes and Noble to pick up the book today.


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dailygreenbar said...

Hi I wish I could buy a copy of this for everyone I know.Great video isn't it.I was so inspired by this book wrote about it on my blog. Jane


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