05 December 2010

La La Love You Mr. Frank Black...

and Kim Deal's not bad herself!  A few months ago we went and saw the legendary Pixies at the Brady Theatre.  It was so much fun and was up there with being in the same room as Paul McCartney when we went to his concert.  At this point I can't remember what there set list was, but the show was sold out, the Brady was packed and they did 2 encores.  Now Sir Paul didn't even do that.  My bff Kim even got Kim Deals bass pick for us.  Ten rows back in the middle and lots of screaming, belting out every song and dancing, we were Amazed.  We la la love you PIxies!  A few of my pics from the show. My video was too shaky from all the head banging (;)) but I found a good one on youtube so you could experience it too :)

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