16 September 2010

I'm so Hard-Core.

the most active, committed, or doctrinaire members of a group or movement : there is always a hard core of trusty stalwarts | [as adj. ] a hard core following.
• popular music that is experimental in nature and typically characterized by high volume and aggressive presentation.

I am now joining the ranks of hard-core iphone users, most typically known as teenagers. When I showed my sister, who will be 19 this month and technically still classifies as a teenager, my "hard-core" iphone, she said "Yeah, I guess you are, if you want to use that word." Ok well, if that word is no longer "cool" then how about "diehard, staunch, dedicated, committed, steadfast, dyed-in-the-wool, long-standing; hardline, extreme, entrenched, radical, intransigent, uncompromising, rigid"? Will any of those do?

I guess the new iphone 4 is calling my name :) But, if I really want to be diehard, staunch or hard-core, then I will continue to use my current phone, glass getting stuck in my fingers and all.

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