20 September 2010

Bento Lunches

I'm sitting here stuffing my face full of chocolate & peanut butter covered almonds from the bulk bins at Whole Foods.  It's my latest addiction.  Well, that and Chick-Fila's chocolate milk shakes.  Anyways, while stuffing my face with sugar I thought I would post some pics of the kids lunches.  It will make me feel better.  At least they eat good, right?!

Bella's consists of white sharp cheddar, broccoli, tomato's and flower shaped cucumbers with ranch, fruit leather cut into a flower shape, an almond butter and jelly sandwich on ezekial bread, heart shaped kiwi with a few grapes and raspberry yogurt covered pretzels.  

Judo's lunch consisted of an almond butter and jelly sandwich on ezekial bread, star shaped fruit leather, cheese men, carrots and ranch, green grapes on food picks, and yogurt covered raisins.  He's a bit more picky than his sister.  

Anyways, I had fun  labored making lunches tonight.  I'm no super mom so this does NOT happen every day.  By the way, these are lame compared to some I've seen.  Just sayin'.  Also, I think I just figured out why Jude keeps using the word lame.  Oh well, I guess it could be worse ;)  

Just in case you're wondering, I bought the mini cookie cutters from Hobby Lobby for 50 cents each, the  food picks on the same isle at Hobby Lobby, the silicone cupcake molds in the Target dollar isle a long time ago, and the bento boxes are from laptoplunches.com.  I ordered some bento boxes yesterday from easylunchboxes.com.  They are backordered until October, but if you order now you get a free lunch bag with them that will hold 3 containers (great for family outings).  I also ordered from allthingsforsale.com, which has some great bento items as well.  Well, I'm off to bed.  I guess I should be off to the gym after all those choco almonds.  YIKES!

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