24 February 2010

The sickies....

Jude has had the sickies for the past few days so he's been in movie land laying on the couch. I think he's getting used to being spoiled because he has gotten pretty demanding. We have some major work ahead of us!

While I was taking pictures he wanted a turn and snapped this one of me. I was pretty proud of him. He shot it in manual mode and my camera weighs about 10 pounds! Yeah, it's underexposed, but we'll have a lesson on that some day ;)
Oh, and never mind the empty picture frames in the background...work in progress!

This is what you'll find Bella doing after school just about everyday of the week. She loves Junie B and checks them out from the school library all by herself. Such a big girl.

She's also very aware of the camera and has to be cheeky every chance she gets as seen in exhibit A and exhibit B below.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Now there's my sweet girl ;)

Jude on the other hand was not feelin' having his picture taken and said "Put that camera down!!!" in not a nice way.

I guess the stern look on my face changed his mind so he obliged ;)

Then Bella was ready for her homework and some gluten free brownies.

Granny and I took her shopping last night past her bedtime. We're in a ZhuZhu pet phase right now, "we" meaning Jude, Bella, Granny and I. So we went in search of ZhuZhu "stuff" and came home stocked. Now granny is in the process of sewing clothes for the little boogers. Glad it's her and not me. Sewing teeny tiny clothes for motorized hamsters is not my thing. Fortunately we have lots of other craft projects coming up to share soon :)

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Mama Cher said...

Love the pics..and I think Jude did a great job taking a pic of you! I would like to see you get a pic of Granny:)Miss you guys and gals!

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