06 February 2010

Be careful....

if you're a friend of mine you might just get blogged. Poor Jeremy and Lacey never knew what hit them. A friendly visit to the coffee shop turned into a mini photo session. Not really, but I have been taking a majority of my photos lately with my iphone and using the "camerabag ap" and "shake it" ap. Oh how I love thee.

Speaking of Jeremy, Jude had this to say...
Jude: How come they call him "Germy"? Is it cause' he picks his nose?

(The thought that ran through my head): No, that would be you son. Never point
the finger baby, especially the
nose picking one ;)

I'm loving this right now too....

Thanks Eric...by the way you may have good taste in music, but you are an awful friend! Have fun in Cali....I hope you meet Miss Shanghai and never forget you speak Okie ;)

Off to bed, we have meeting in the morning now and I have to get plenty of rest for the super bowl party. I'm not sure who's playing, but I'm looking forward to hanging out with friends and eating lots of stuff I shouldn't. What are your plans?

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