03 May 2009

Something I want to remember...

Today was uneventful, rainy and cold. It would have been nice to mow the lawn, cook out and run through the sprinklers, but instead we had a pretty laid back day. The kids got up early (surprise surprise) and played together in Bella's room which is typical fashion for those two. I made some extra yummy french toast and we were able to have an unhurried breakfast together at the table. Then, somehow we all ended up in our room in our bed tickling the kids as they giggled repeatedly. Bella told a once upon a time story about King Tristoo, Queen Ahoo, Isabooboo, her "little bother" little JuJu and their dog Feeliqapoopoo. Then Tristan said "This is what it's all about." Boy was he right. I've caught myself lately trying to freeze time by holding something in my head and remembering these times. Sadly they go by too fast and we will wake up and have grown up kids. So I'm trying to remember that they are precious, even when Jude unrolls the whole roll of toilet paper down the hallway or whines for a snack. And when Bella talks to us like she owns the place and knows it all! I am so proud of who they are. Jude told me the other day "Mama...I keep you forever and ever". Then tonight while laying with Bella I was commending her for helping me so much and being such a good sister. I told her I was so proud of who she is and that I loved her so much. She said "Mommy, it's not all me. I can't do it without God's help. He's my best friend more than anyone." I have so much to learn from you baby girl. It's never a serious moment with her b/c she then proceeded to hum "Pipeline" (the surfer song) and began to surf her shadow surfboard on the shadow waves on her wall. What could be better than this :)

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