30 May 2009

Chore Jars

I ran across this idea several places and thought I would try it out on the kids. We never seem to keep up with "charts" and daily chores. I love the idea of having a jar full of chores so when the kids are bored I can have them pick a popsicle stick and get to work. They each have their own jar with age appropriate chores written on the sticks. I also included special activities like computer time, which is a treat for Miss B and Jude loves playing with "dada's knights" that he got when he was a mere boy in England. And yes, Jude still calls him dada. That just dawned on me while typing. We always say daddy, but for some reason Jude likes to use the word "dada". Anyways, I bought the large dyed sticks at hobby lobby, printed a picture of both kids and resized it in photoshop (3x5), added a ribbon and their age and wallah! They love the idea and can't wait to get started. Jude brought us the stick that says "knights" on it the other day and asked to play with the knights. Bella didn't give it to him so the only thing we can come up with is that he read it! Just kidding ;) I think he recognized the word and matched it to the box with the castle and knights. By the way, I may be a photographer, but my product photography is seriously bad. Please ignore ;)

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