16 May 2009

The rain has stopped and it looks like a rainy free week is headed our way!!! Our garden is doing great except since we're doing an organic garden, the leaves are getting eaten alive. It's actually not too bad, but I am going to order some lady bugs tonight to get the pesky aphids OUT! We started training our tomatoes, peppers and squash today with stakes.

So this week I went to my new Naturopath and LOVE him and the people in his office. He asked that I bring in any labs that I have had recently so Tristan made a special visit to my DO and picked up copies. The day before my appointment I looked EVERYWHERE for them to no avail. Then after endlessly searching I found them in the playroom with green glitter watercolor painted all over. Needless to say, Jude was very proud of his masterpiece and I had no words for Dr. Leu as I handed them to him!

Audrey (my little sister) and her friend stopped by last week. She actually stops by every week lately and I love it! We did a little mini session of the two of them b/c they are so hilarious together.

Friday we went to Mayfest with my friend Stephanie and her son Alex. We had a a blast, but it was so windy!!! Then we met Tristan and Steph's husband at our house for some dinner. It was so nice for the kids to be able to play outside and they did until it was dark. Then it rained...again. But hopefully the last time for awhile!

On a different note, funny story. Let me first give you some insight into to my children s eating habits. Isabella will eat just about anything. She loves healthy food and has even expressed concern for eating chicken nuggets b/c they are "fried" and not healthy. Jude on the other hand won't eat fruit. No matter what. And yes, that means bananas. As a baby, he loved it. Every day I put fruit on his plate just like Bella's. He refuses to eat it. I have even been known to shove it down his throat (and yes I am ashamed to admit that) to no avail. He loves salad and veggies if the said veggies are mixed into a casserole or something. he used to like raisins, but then decided he didn't. I gave him some yogurt covered raisins today and he ate almost the whole box until I told hm they were raisins. We then found the remaining raisins in his rain boot. He would eat maybe a raw carrot with ranch, but it's always a fight. Until the other day. I don't know where it came from, but the words "eat your alien fingers" (in reference to his carrot sticks) came out of my mouth. He ATE them. He LOVED them. He ASKED for more. So today, I sliced some apples and in the whiniest voice he said "but I don't like apples." So, I replied, "they're not apples, they're alien brains and we need to eat them to save the planet." OK, right now you're probably wondering what planet I'm from. But let me just tell you...he ate the apple. Then he said "I like them now". Food will definitely be getting more interesting around here!!!!

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