18 February 2009

Well folks, it finally happened...we have a loose tooth in this house. We also have a really happy six year old who would just love for you to wiggle it ;) If any of you know Bella and know how the last year has been, you will know that she has been waiting for this moment her whole life. I think it was about a year ago that she first informed us that her tooth was loose. When she announced it this morning, that her tooth was in fact "really" loose this time I stuck my finger in her mouth without haste and proceeded to test it out. About 5 seconds later, 5 seconds of the willies that is, I declared that Yes! her tooth was in fact loose! We jumped up and down and screamed and laughed. Now what? In reality, Tristan and I think that loose teeth are pretty gruesome. Hopefully that little bud underneath will just push it out otherwise I will have to call on the Weiss clan for a little help ;) Amanda you better hope it's out before Friday!

On another note, Tristan has been hinting around lately that he would like some Scotch eggs. Well...me not being British and all, googled it and found a recipe hoping this particular recipe would be just like his mums and not Americanized. So, I boiled some eggs. Turns out, if you boil eggs too long the yolks edge turns green. Hmmmm....what to do? Well, I told Tristan that the thought of making these eggs and having to fry something grossed me out (made me want to throw up were my exact words). What happened next you ask? The man googled "how to boil eggs?" He then proceeded to tell Me, how to hard boil an egg. You know what I said? "Why don't you Google how to do your laundry!"

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Celeste Vaught said...

You're so funny. Love the photos below. Good for you for getting out there and seeing the beauty.

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