14 February 2009

A Little Bit of Nothin'

That's what we've been up to.

I'm loving this song right now.

We were supposed to see these guys (I'll just watch this and pretend I was there) in Memphis tommorow. Unfortunately we forgot we had tickets to this so that is where we'll be, it's bitter sweet really. Watching the kids faces light up is worth it ;)

We did get tickets to see this guy in March! We almost went to Chicago to see him last year...good thing we waited b/c he's coming to T-Town. Iy would have been nice to visit our other home though, get some Giordano's pizza, walk to the grocery store in 4 feet of snow and then up 3 flights of stares to our apartment...nah...the pizza would be good though.

I ran across this picture today and ran a vintage action on it in photo shop. I like it, actually I love it b/c it looks old.

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