15 February 2009

oldies but goodies...

I was editing some old photos yesterday of Judo. Tristan took one look at them and said "I'm going to cry". The man just doesn't cry much so I know he misses our monkeys being little (he didn't actually cry by the way). Speaking of monkeys, we went to the zoo last Friday, just the kids and I. The zoo had some chimp babies born within in this last year. They are still pretty small and so cute. There was a group of preschoolers, hands flat against the glass, lined up in a row. One of the baby chimps would walk right up to the glass and put his hands on theirs mimicking their every move. It was pretty amazing. He was a feisty little thing ;)

So...we're off to Playhouse Disney Live in a few hours...the kids have no idea ;) Have a great Sunday!

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