23 February 2009

A day in the life.

I slept in until eight.

Kissed Tristan goodbye.

Kissed the kids good morning.

Poured a cup of coffee.

Skipped breakfast.

Forgot to take my vitamins.

Read some blogs.

Heated my coffee up.

Gave the kids a snack.

Talked to my MIL.

Left a message for my FIL at work for my MIL.

Called my SIL to get her home number.

Called MIL at SIL's home and talked about Home school until FIL called her back.

Started Bella's home school.

Filled up the sink with water and bubbles for Jude. He played with his action figures in it.

Read "How the Whale Got His Throat" by Rudyard Kipling to Bella. Then read some poetry to her.

Folded some laundry.

Called Tristan. Made lunch plans.

Got dressed. Got the kids dressed.

Hopped in the car. We sang all the way to Taco Bell.

Ordered our food. Drove back through b/c they forgot a few things.

Had lunch with Tristan. Discussed our garden plans for 09'.

Went to Target. Didn't buy much. Spent too much money.

Came home. Let the dog out.

Put a movie on for the kids.

Checked my e-mail. Looked on Etsy.

Watched part of the movie with the kids. Made them popcorn.

Checked my e-mail again. Realized I had gotten out of a triplet photo shoot in OKC!

Painted Jude's arm.

Painted a tattoo n Bella's arm. Took pictures.

Tristan came home. Hugged everyone. Put batteries in Jude's remote control racer.

They all played in the kitchen with the remote control racer while I tried to cook dinner.

I suggested they play with it outside to which they agreed. They took Fiona for a walk.

My BFF Kim called. I listened to music, talked and make guacamole. Finished the tortilla soup.

Family came home. We ate. The kids had popsicles.

Tristan bathed the kids. I cleaned up the kitchen.

Then I picked up bedrooms and put some laundry away. The kids brushed teeth.

Tristan put Jude to bed. I put Bella to bed. We said our prayers.

I sat down. Tristan went to fix the bathroom tile.

Realized some of our 50 year old tile was missing and broken.

We decided to put a new floor in the bathroom. We both sat down.

We had ice cream. I didn't eat much. I was craving key lime pie.

Mamaw called. Tristan went to bed. I watched Twister. I got on Face book.

I blogged. I went to bed too late again. Dreamed off Key Lime Pie.

Now I challenge all bloggers reading this to do the same :) Leave a comment if you do! I would love to read it :)

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