22 October 2008

Rainy Day iPhone Pics & more....

It's a lazy day. It's a rainy lazy day. I love days like this when we stay in our pj's and don't have to leave the house. That's how yesterday was, minus the rain. Jude and I danced and cleaned. Today we did puzzles and made cookies. Well...he's sleeping and I made cookies all by myself. Shhh.... I figured the smell would have woken him up, but he always sleeps good on dark rainy days so I get to have them all to myself! I'm so bored b/c my house is clean and laundry is done. So, I updated my iPhone and downloaded my ipics to my pc. So here are some random, some funny, horribly grainy iPhone pics :) I hope everyone is having a lazy day too!

This was taken in a Lowes shopping cart. Woohoo! Looks like they're having fun.

This says it all...


Little brothers are great, aren't they?

And so are little sisters :)

Daddy's Helpers

Bella in haute couture, ie Charlotte Russe (and no, I don't shop there).


Poor Puppy.

That's it! Well...I was ready to get dressed, throw on a cozy warm winter coat and grab a chai tea, but the rain has stopped and the sun is coming out. So, a hoodie it is and a sweet tea. Poor puppy has to go see the vet now.

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