02 October 2008


Busy week as usual! Last Friday night we kicked off the Fall season with a trip to the Tulsa State Fair with Papaw, Audrey, Charlie, Johnny and Grant. The boys spent mos of the night trying to win a guitar. My brother has an awesome guitar, but there is just something about winning a cheap guitar at the fair, right? At lest for a 13 year old boy. It was such a blast enjoying it through the kids eyes. They were a hoot! Bella decided she would start off riding the swing that spins around and my mama instincts kicked in. For a minute I thought this might make her sick. Then I thought, no she has a stomach of steal like Tristan. Well...I should have trusted my instincts the first time. After about one spin around she was looking pretty green. I could see Tristan motioning to her to throw up opposite of him! Fortunately, she didn;t throw up, but spent a good hour riding in the umbrella stroller (which Jude is almost too big for mind you). I just wanted to tell people who were staring "Yes, yes, I know she is TOO big to be riding in a stroller, but...". Then I thought what am I talking about, they all have mullets anyways ;) LOL! So, she got over the dizziness, but refused to ride rides. Well, we did slide down the wave slide with the potato sacks. Here I am in the middle of the two of them. We flew down the slide, Bella on my right looking like a deer in headlights, me in he middle hunched over laughing hysterically and Jude to my left grinning ear to ear. Poor B.


4 tickets to the fair free
4 rides $15
3 corn dogs $15
1 funnel cake $5
1 sweet tea $4
1 Sprite $3
1 pretzel $4
2 ice creams $8
1 bag cotton candy $5
animal feed $2
1 game $3
1 Dora $8
1 Spiderman $8
2 Pony Rides $10

Memories Made Priceless!

So, Saturday morning our feet hurt and everyone was plum tuckered out. Tristan got up early to take mum to the airport. she was so cute upon arriving to the house. she is an ever so proper British ex Nanny and she shows up (always dressed so pretty) with Poppa's little pomeranian puppy in a rolling suitcase dog kennel. It was so her! The kids got a kick out of it ;) So now Nana and Poppa are officially moved and in Massechsettes. Bella has cried alot lately b/c she misses them, but Nana will be back in December. We sent her car off in style yesterday while Jude and his cousin Braden anxiously watched out the window. They didn't understand why nana's car was on top of a big truck and they were concerned, but I think they got it. They waved good bye all the while sweetly saying "bye nana's car" watching the big truck drive away with it down 36th street. Donna and I jokingly said we should stow the boys in the back seat. What a surprise nana and poppa would get! I don't think we would see them again b/c they would NOT send them back ;) Well...my fair pics didn't fair well so I will post a video instead. Enjoy :) This is Braden and Jude at the park on Wednesday.


Braden and Jude from Aja Vaught on Vimeo.C

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