04 September 2008

Oh my son...how much you brighten my day. Never mind the pounding pain in my head at the end of the day. I look back and say "mommy can't stay up and play!" Three years have gone by and while the first 2.5 years were hard, I can't imagine a day without your kind heart, your cheeky grin and your big eyes looking at me saying "I love you mama". It makes the world go round for me and being a mother is bigger than life itself. I can't imagine the day when my chicks will leave the nest.

I have missed having my Bella at home during the day, bossing Ro around, helping me fold washcloths, begging to watch a movie, secretly watching her sing in her room or play with her barbies in a high pitched voice. I know, though, that the time has come for her to spread her wings a little and I am embracing that. Just like I have embraced Ro turning 3. I know the next year will be filled with growth spurts and growing pains and thinking ahead is bitter sweet.

I never want to forget moments like today though. We were getting ready to meet daddy for lunch and Jude was sitting on the potty. I kept hearing the toilet flush so I anxiously ran into the bathroom gritting my teeth. I had reason to when I looked down and saw that he "tinkled" all over his pants (due to poor aim) and while sitting there was consistently and precisely flushing the potty with the end of the toilet paper in the bowl. It went something like this: one flush, the roll of toilet paper rolls a little releasing more tp into the toilet...next flush, more toilet paper rolls down, etc..etc... What amazes me is that it never broke (the trail of tp that is).

The next unforgettable moment happened when we were at Target. A nice older lady was explaining to me how wonderful the Method floor cleaner is. The next thing I know, Jude is laughing hysterically at himself. I glanced down at his shirt to see a soaking wet shirt that smelled like citrus. Well...citrus with about 30 other chemicals in it. Is febreeze furniture polish organic? I freaked and was out of wipees so I drug him away, with the old lady still talking mind you, to the nearest wipes which were across the store by the diapers, saying don't put your hands in your mouth over and over again. I ripped open a package of those suckers and wiped him down, making him wear his shirt unbuttoned the rest of the trip. Now, his brand new Small Paul shirt (awesomely discounted from $40 to $10) smelled like well...you can imagine.

So, that again was part of our day in a nutshell. What would I do without days like this? Well...life would be pretty boring for me and I wouldn't laugh enough. Thank you baby boy, for making me laugh at the little things :) Now I'm off to pick up my other muse from k-gartin and I'm bursting inside to see her and smooch her! It's my favorite part of the day. Pictures to post later!

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