14 September 2008


I love packing lunch for Bella! She is such a good eater (always has been) and so therefore I enjoy packing healthy bento's for her everyday. On occasion she decides she would like to eat at school so I get to sleep a few minutes later in the morning and forgo my normal lunch packing routine. She loved "chicken with the bone" or what we call chicken legs and the little mini salad bar fit for miniature vegetarians in the making. It really is tiny and surreal! Although the chicken legs are tantalizing to her taste buds at first, she quickly decides she likes her mommy made lunches which tickles me pink :) So, here is a look at a few typical lunches for Bella. I do get more interesting with lunches, but hey I don't have time to take pictures and do a gourmet style lunch, so this is what you get this evening.

As if I haven't exposed you enough to our weirdness, here is a typical breakfast in the Vaught house. MARMITE! YUM! It's a British thing and I knocked it, but once I tried it I was hooked. It's loaded with vitamins too which was a bonus for me when the kids decided they liked it too. Just so you know, it's a gummy, gooey, dark brown paste that smells pretty bad in the jar. But on toast with butter it takes the cake!

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