19 June 2011

Graduation Party Part 2

So here are a few more pics from the party...

The kids totally fit the part!  They kept saying "we look soooo vintage".  

My beautiful friend Steph and her family...

My handsome man...

Wise guy huh?

My other beautiful Friend Lacy...

My friend Terri came a Carol Brady...too cute! 

Terri's daughter Jayden also picked the 70's.

Teenagers these days...never thought I would say that!  I'm not exactly sure what some of them were supposed to be.

FYI...this kids is a genious.  period.  Google is actually having him test things for them.  Hence the google chrome knuckle things.  He's 15 people!

There were so many people that I missed...so many.  I was too busy making sure everything was done!  Anyways, it was a blast and turned out perfect.  I think I'll take a break from the party planning for awhile though!

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