17 June 2011

Em's Graduation Party Part 1

The past few months I have been helping a friend plan a graduation party for her daughter and the invitation list included 100 plus people.  I've known Emily since she was Bella's age so it was so strange to be planning her graduation party. Fortunately, the food was handled, but I planned the decor and other stuff.  This family is like family to me and I love them dearly so it was so much fun to be such a big part of it.  Thanks to my super talented sis in law for helping me implement it and for helping me pull it all together.  Emily's parents bid on the Harweldon Mansion at a school auction so they got a huuuuuge deal on the space.  Emily wanted vintage decor so that's what she got.  Handmade decorations, old quilts, wild flowers and kraft paper were a hit with the youngsters. It was so much fun!

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