10 March 2010

Don't Kill Me...

So, this morning while making GAK for an extremely bored 4 year old, I got a phone call from my sister in law. She asked if I was mad at her. I was a bit confused and tried to think back to previous conversations. Why would I be mad? She told me she drew a picture of me. I was a little scared, not because of her talent (she is amazing), but I HATE any picture of me in any form. I was curious though so I quickly ran to my computer and pulled up the email that said "Don't kill me". Well...let me tell you, I was beyond amazed at what I saw. A portrait of me & my camera. It's beautiful! Thank you so much Celeste :) I love it! Just when I think you've found your niche, you surprise me with something different. Let me tell you, this girl can do anything and I mean ANYTHING. Just ask her for her recipe for homemade Lara Bars or her cashew carrot soup. She exudes creativity in every aspect of her life from her home, her style, her art, her cooking and entertaining. To top it all off, she's beautiful on the inside and out. All I can do is make GAK! I am so proud to be her sister :)

You can see all her work at celestevaught.com or on her blog.

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Celeste Vaught said...

"I am so proud to be her sister :) " ditto!

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