22 March 2010

time flies.

Spring break is over and I was sad to see my little Bella leave for school this morning. 9 more weeks until we can sleep in and leisurely get up and have the whole day in front of us. 9 more weeks with just my youngest. Granny goes home this weekend and that makes me sad too. Why does time fly by when you get older? I NEVER thought I would be 30. Oh well, I've heard the thirties are better than the twenties so I am going to slow down and enjoy every moment of them. Especially my babies. I spent a good part of yesterday ordering year end books from My Publisher and organizing my digital albums. Did I really once have babies? When did they get so big? I can feel myself tearing up just typing this. WOW!

Anyways, I plan on enjoying these last 2 months with Jude and I spending "quality" time together. He starts school next year and that fact is very grim to me. Just last night he was telling me he wanted to homeschool. You see, I think he will miss me as much as I will miss him. At least until he starts school and realizes how much fun he is having and how boring I actually am! FYI...he just told me "you're the best mom ever, you really are!". I've got them fooled, but that's OK, right?

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