16 January 2012

Me on being sick.

I'm sitting here stuffing my face with tamales and ginger ale.  I've had "the crud" the last few days and let me tell you...I don't like being sick.  Sometimes I dream of the TV watching, no cooking downtime of being sick.  Then reality sets in and I realize it quite frankly stinks.  My nose is so red and chapped that I look like bozo the clown and it's 70 degrees outside and I'm not able to enjoy it.  Little man is outside playing in the camper as I type.  It's his new "secret spy" hideout or "secret bird watching" club and the password is "bird".  Flossy is playing with an array of Barbies in her PJ's enjoying time away from Ro.

I heard this earlier and I totally thought "brilliant!  this is the theme song to my life right now".  I imagine a music box with a little figure trapped inside spinning around and around and never reaching a destination.  That's me right now.  Oh how I long for wanderlust and it's just a few months away.  Spring breaking in the dessert perhaps?

Alright, that's enough of the pity party.  I'm praying for a more positive attitude.  I promise :)

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Leecy said...

The weather today has me ready for winter to be over! I would glady join you in the dessert...hope you feel better

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