25 January 2012

Book Shower

I threw a book shower for a friend this past weekend.  We ended up having it two weeks earlier than expected because the little man decided to come a little sooner.  Two weeks sooner.   All the guests brought him a book to start his library and it was so much fun looking through them all.  I decided to not go with a theme since time was limited.  I ended up ordering from Garnish and then found everything else locally and used what I already had.  The food was pretty simple.  Wrap sandwiches and chicken salad sandwiches, raw veggies, ranch and hummus, bagged kettle chips, clementines, Pellegrino, cream puffs and I bought two cakes from Whole Foods.  The dessert forks were bamboo and had verses from Where the Wild Things Are and Goodnight Moon stamped on them (I ordered those on Etsy).  I think it turned out great!  SO much fun!

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Sharstin said...

this is so gorgeous--i love it all. The book idea is awesome~ you rock

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