10 July 2011

Summer Lovin'

It's been 100+ here the last few weeks and today it was 107 degrees.  Northern Cali is callin' our name louder and louder.  Three more weeks and we are counting down the days.  SO far, our plans are to pick up Eric from the airport in San Francisco the day after we get there.  His flight gets in from Thailand about 10:45 am so we'll get to hang out for the day there and then maybe stay with his sister in Napa later in the week and take a ferry back into the bay area.  We also plan on visiting Yosemite and camping, although the whole bear thing scares Tristan and Jude a bit.  I'm more worried about a bear sniffing out a lost french fry under a seat in our car and then having it smashed to pieces by the relentless bear trying to eat that french fry.  I have heard you can pee around your tent and vehicle and they will stay away.  Between the 4 of us I'm pretty sure we can conjour up enough pee to frighten a whole bear habitat away.  Actually I'm pretty sure Bella and I have that covered for the whole family.  The second week we are heading to southern Cali for some theme park fun and a few days at the beach.  We also would like to visit the HUGE flea market in Pasadena at the Rose Bowl.  Needless to say, I may not be coming back to Oklahoma.  Especially if it's 100 degrees!!!  

Some good friends of ours visited from the valley in south texas...

That black stuff is charred marshmellow NOT chocolate.  How she ate that I will never know!

Swimming.  Swimming.  Swimming.

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Sharstin said...

Summer is my fav, have a blast in Cali!

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