11 April 2009

Not much to say...wish I was better at writing.

Today was a pretty crazy day. First of all, we went to do a little thrifting and came across a woman carrying a 6 month old baby and she was in tears. She approached us asking if we new how to get somewhere, which we did and it happened to be pretty far away from where we were. She then proceeded to tell us that she just moved hear yesterday from Michigan and her friends ended up abandoning her and her baby. We offered her a ride to North Tulsa and then when we were almost there, she asked if we could take her to west Tulsa to a family member's house. She was so nice and her poor baby had an ear infection. Who abandons a woman with a baby? I couldn't believe her friends just dropped her off. I think there was more to the story, but we just wanted to make sure they were going to be ok. Anyways, the kids got a life lesson. The woman didn;t even have a car seat for her baby and so we explained to Bella about making good choices and thinking things through.

Anyways, we came home and the kids played out side. Jude flipped out of the swing and landed face first scratching his nose pretty good. Then Bella smacked her shoulder on the door jam while running through the house, which left a goose egg on her shoulder. Then we took them on a bike ride only to have Bella fall and scrape up her knee and foot. It was just one of those days! Tomorrow will be better.

The look Miss B gives us...

Little sisters are so much fun...now she can DRIVE!

I get this look from him alot! He's such a lovey :)

Little brothers are pretty special too (and no, his hair is not dyed 2 colors...crazy lighting).

Our new "EAT" sign...Sundance Catalogue.

Our new credenza from Mod 50's Mod (well...we've had it for awhile). I love it! Tristan ordered the chairs from IKEA and I bought the rug at Target. We still have lots to do though...

This is typically what the playroom looks like >:l

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