22 April 2009

Spring has spring this time....

I am so happy! Happy that it's spring. Happy the gray clouds have disappeared. Happy to have veggies growing in our backyard. Happy to have 2 smiling, giggling, dancing kids that are happy it's spring. I am not happy that I had to turn the air conditioner on today. And yes, I HAD to. I know, I'm a wimp. But I'm happy. Happy to walk into a cool house that doesn't feel stale, stagnant and muggy! We spend a lot of time outside lately so we will keep the outside out :)

You'll notice in this mini home video that Jude got a new bike. He was very insistent in telling us that his new bike was not stable and he didn't think he could ride it (hence shaking it back and forth). But with training wheels and daddy holding on, he managed ;)

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