03 August 2008

Sorry I have been MIA! I told myself I would blog even if I didn't have anything to blog about so that's what I am going to start doing :)

Last week we stayed busy completing the play room and moving things around a bit. For any of you that don't know, I am a chronic mover arounder of things. Isabella can vouch for that b/c her room has been moved around 5 times in the last year! She spent her first weekend away EVER this week. That's a big deal around here:) She left Thursday night to spend the weekend with Nana and Papa and some of that time with her cousin Stella. She's having a great time and is not ready to come home so I guess that's good although I miss her like crazy. She comes home today and we're all so excited to see her, especially RO. I must say however, as easy as Bella is, 1 child is so much easier! I guess this was a little preview of what school will be like this year and now I know we can all handle being away from each other ;)

Jude spent the evening with Uncle Rob and Aunt Celeste (aint Rob & Ant Lest). He had so much fun, but I think Aun Lest had a little more fun. It gave her an excuse to play in the sprinklers!!! Speaking of Aunt Celeste, I have to say how proud we are of her. She is an extraordinary artist and was recently asked to donate her "Daffodil" painting to the Marie Curie Breast Cancer auction that was I think run by the Royal Academy. She showed me the catalogue with her painting and it gave me chills to see that she was recognized by royalty!!! She's awesome! Her blog is listed to the right so checkit out. By the way, there were very few artist selected for this honor.

So, I'm looking forward to getting my little muse back today and enjoying this last week of summer break with her. We're going to make it extra special!

Photos courtesy of Aunt Lest:

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Celeste said...

I love these shots as they really show Jude's fun loving, wonderful personality. Yes, playing in the sprinklers was especially fun for me - not only was it refreshing on a H.O.T. day, but it took me right back to childhood. Those are the kind of memories I cherish and I hope Jude will too when he grows up!

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