28 September 2011

Canned Hammin' It!

Finally!  We did it!  We bought a 1966 Fan Camper and we are ecstatic which is actually an understatement.  It should arrive from Michigan on Friday morning.  It's ready to go other than putting our own spin on it.  It's the cutest thing I've ever seen so cute.  It sleeps our little family of four plus Fiona.  I bought this book a few weeks ago and to my surprise I opened it up and saw a similar little camper.  Ours is the exact same color!  Now we can take her out west with us and see so much more ;) I'll post some photos when we get her finished.


Sharstin said...

how fun! could anything be more rad? nope.

The Vaught's said...

It's pretty rad, we'll see how often we use it though ;) Hopefully lots!

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