15 August 2011

Home Again.

And it feels so good.  I LOVE California and have dreamed of living there, BUT I have come to realize that there is no place like home.  We are so glad to be back and we're slowly getting back into a routine.  Two weeks is a very long time to be away from normal so it's taking me a bit to get things done.  I will share pictures soon!  School starts next week and I'm a little sad about that, but anxious to get some things done.  We are also leaving again in 3 weeks for Gulf Shores so lots to get done.  I'll be updating this little blog like crazy soon!

Bella...Ghirardelli Square, San Francisco


Sharstin said...

so glad you had a great vaca~
these picts are gorgeous~ excited to see more!

The Vaught's said...

Thanks you so much :) I love editing photos but oh my goodness, not sure I will EVER get through them all!

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