10 May 2011

Bird Watching.

Apparently, our little man has developed a love for birds.  His aunt Celeste discovered this and took him to the book store Saturday to get a bird book as well as a few essentials like "beenocliers" (binoculars), a compass, and a small telescope.  This is pretty serious business because I found him like this the other day and when I took his picture he looked at me as serious as can be and said "SHHHHHHH!!!!!".  Of course my mama goggles are on, but it was pretty cute to see him so focused on his bird watching.

A few weeks ago, we had a scare with him and ended up at the Pediatric Cardiology Center.  Fortunately, he's good, no problems, but it was the scariest week of our life waiting on that appointment, sitting in the waiting room and then watching him go through the testing.  He's a healthy boy though :)  I love these photos of him being so seeeerious :)

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