21 June 2009

It's been awhile.....

I know it's been a long time since I posted. We have been incredibly busy and this mama hasn't had a free second. It's too bad b/c there has been a lot to share, but sadly I don't have the energy to post it all. In fact, as I sat down to finally blog, Mr. Vaught handed me something to look at and read. See, no rest for the weary! Anyways, tonight we went to dinner with some friends and as we were finishing up, a huge fancy tour bus pulls up to the front door of McNellie's and out pops the Jonas Brothers. Kind of funny b/c Bella and Jude are both excited wanting to see them and honestly they don't even know any of there songs. Mainly b/c we forbid our children to fall for the prepackaged bands created by Disney to make money only to have the cute preteen boy bands and the like turn into well...let's just say "Brittany Spears". I mean, they're innocent at first, but come on....they are setting examples when they pose half nude in magazines (thank you Miley Cyrus). Anyways, just my opinion, and a pretty strong one I know, but I am a mother and entitled. And Seth, since you're probably reading this, we had a great time with you guys! Congratulations! I have to admit, I WAS kind of excited to be amongst the famous!!!

For the past two weeks we have had the pleasure of having my 78 year old granny stay with us. She has been a huge blessing to all of us and we are so thankful to have this time with her. Oh, and she irons really good too! She refuses to sit still and I wouldn't be respecting my elder if I refused to let her cook, clean, sew and do laundry, right?

Our garden is growing like crazy and everything has flourished. Next year we will grow much more. We have several projects in the midst for the summer months, one being a privacy fence and then we're adding a deck and new shed. Yipppeee! I guess that's all for now :) Have a great Monday!


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